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So You Don’t Drink Coffee

Coffee is an omnipresent element of most office environments. Much of the Hav-a-Cup business caters to ensuring that each of our clients can enjoy a fresh mug of gourmet coffee whenever they would like. However, we understand that there are a few people out there who...

Time for Iced Coffee

As the weather heats up it is the perfect time to cool down our coffee. Making iced coffee is simple and much less expensive to make on your own than to buy at the local coffee shop. These few tips can help you brew the perfect cup. Cold brew coffee makes the best...

Coffee Flavored Wine?

Did you know that coffee is a berry that grows on bushes? What we know as the coffee bean is actually the pit of this fruit. Originally, these berries were eaten and used to make wine. It seems that the uses for coffee are never ending! The pulp of the coffee fruit,...
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