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Vendor Spotlight: Equal

Since 1965, when James Schlatter accidentally created aspartame, Equal has lead the industry in artificial sweeteners. He knew as soon as he tasted the sweetness on his fingers during his research with amino acids that he had made an important discovery, especially...

Vendor Spotlight: Splenda

Splenda offers coffee drinkers a healthy option for sweetening their beverages without packing on calories. A long trusted name as a sugar alternative, Splenda is highly recognized for its little yellow packets. Splenda is developed starting with all natural sugar,...

Vendor Spotlight: Sweet ’N Low

Sweet’N Low is one of the most trusted names in sweeteners with a history going back to 1957 when Ben and Marvin Adams were given the millionth American patent for their musical staff logo. Sweet’N Low is developed from saccharin, a long established artificial...
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