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Need coffee & water delivery for your breakroom? 

Good! That’s what we do best!


When Frank Lail started Hav-A-Cup Coffee Service in 1980, he already had 11 years of experience as a coffee service provider. Since that time, the Lail family has amassed almost 500 years of combined experience at providing companies like yours with great coffee – for only pennies a cup.

We are locally owned and family run – and those family values are a part of everything we do. Our dedicated Route Drivers, Service Staff and Sales Representatives will ensure that your business has the products and equipment that best fit your needs.


Equipment Sales & Rentals


Delivery & Restocking





Coffee Service

Single Cup coffee makers, high-volume brewers, & specialty drink machines allow your employees to indulge in just they want.

Coffee Brands

We carry all of your favorite national coffee brands, fair trade organic coffees, and our own house blends.

Coffee Equipment

We provide your business with commercial grade equipment to make sure you have the best coffee experience possible.



Filtered Water

Through our company Quality Water Service, we offer water filtration units in space-saving counter top models or free standing floor units.

Water Coolers

Monthly cooler rental is available for cook, cold, and hot water units. We provide service to replenish your water and maintain equipment on a regular basis.

Bottled Water

We offer water in 20 oz bottles by the case, cash & carry or delivery. We can even private label them so you can use branded bottled water for marketing purposes.




Other Beverages

We carry a variety of other popular beverages such as tea, soda, juice drinks, hot chocolate, hot cider, and flavored cappuccinos.


Keep your employees happy with snacks to power them up! Hav-A-Cup offers breakfast and lunch snack items to keep everyone happy.

Breakroom Supplies

Paper products, cups and lids, utensils. Essentials for your break room that often go overlooked. Let us take care of stocking your breakroom.

Hav-A-Cup Brands

Charlotte Commercial Coffee Delivery


Here at Hav-A-Cup Coffee Service we are delighted to deliver the exceptional coffee and break room service that your small business deserves. Enjoy delicious products – via dependable Charlotte commercial coffee delivery — for only pennies a cup!

Hav-A-Cup offers the following services with cheerful delivery:

  • Coffee
  • Coffee Equipment
  • Water Service
  • Other Beverages
  • Snacks and Condiments
  • Break Room Supplies

If you’re a small business, office, convenience store or family-owned restaurant we understand that keeping your employees happy (and possibly caffeinated) is an important part of well-executed teamwork. 

We’ve been a family-owned business with a sterling reputation for customer service for nearly 40 years and we look forward to serving you for many years to come!

Charlotte Commercial Coffee Delivery Offers You a Nice Break(room)!

We deliver exceptional value from the trusted brands that you and your employees know and love. Enjoy quality equipment suited for just a few employees or higher-volume needs for your business benefiting from timely Charlotte commercial coffee delivery.

We proudly supply the following excellent brands (among others):

  • Maxwell House
  • Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
  • Folgers
  • Starbucks Coffee
  • Keurig
  • Bigelow
  • Crystal Light
  • Lipton
  • Barrie House

Your employees will smile when they see your break room stocked with these items… and don’t forget the snacks!

Your Trusted Coffee Equipment Suppliers in Charlotte NC

We know that you’re busy running your small business and that’s why our customer service diligently takes your order and gets the details right all the way to delivery. Hav-A-Cup commercial coffee delivery in Charlotte NC will outfit your break room with your favorite brands on a regular, reliable schedule and we’ll supply the equipment you need for only pennies-a-cup!

Our commercial coffee equipment and filtration units provide fresh brewed coffee everyday, so that’s one less task you have to focus on. And let’s face it… most of us perform at our best when we are well caffeinated!

However, performance doesn’t just mean caffeine. It also means being well hydrated throughout the day. Please enjoy the following services from Hav-A-Cup to feel alert and productive throughout the day:

  • Filtered Water
  • Water Coolers
  • Bottled Water

Through our company Quality Water Service, we offer water filtration units in space-saving counter top models or freestanding floor units. Monthly cooler rental is available for cook, cold and hot water units for your added convenience as your coffee equipment suppliers in Charlotte NC.

Contact Hav-A-Cup: Your New Charlotte Coffee Equipment Suppliers

We’re happy to take your call and answer any questions that you might have.

Our goal is to tailor your coffee, water and snack services to your specific needs and create a pleasant and delicious break room experience for your office or workplace.

Call us today at 704-331-0803 and find out how inexpensive our exceptional Charlotte commercial coffee delivery can be! 

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