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We love coffee as much as you do, but we still learned an interesting tidbit or two from this fascinating list of coffee trivia.

  1. The area stretching for 1,000 miles in either direction of the equator is known as the “Coffee Belt.” Most coffee in the world comes from this region.
  2. Voltaire, a renowned French philosopher of the 18th century, is rumored to have consumed 50 cups of coffee each day.
  3. Coffee grounds are used by organic gardeners to keep slugs and snails away from plants.
  4. The production of a fully mature coffee tree is only a single pound per season, so it takes a lot of trees to fill the 400 billion cups of coffee brewed each year.
  5. Americans average just over 2 cups of coffee each day, with 9 ounces considered the standard cup size.
  6. Legend explains the discovery of coffee with an Ethiopian goat herder who noticed his herd had remarkable energy after snacking on the berries of a certain plant.
  7. Coffee made its way to Europe in the early 17th century, when it was sold as a medicine.
  8. Americans spend $40 billion annually fueling their coffee habit.
  9. Though creamers, syrups, and sweeteners are more popular than ever, 35% of coffee enthusiasts still prefer theirs black.
  10. Doctors recommend moderate coffee drinking because of coffee’s wide variety of health benefits.

Did you learn anything new? What is your favorite coffee related trivia? We love to hear from you.

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