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Coffee has been popular in the United States since a certain big tea party put that beverage out of fashion. This year is no different, and people keep coming up with exciting new ideas for adding a twist to our traditional coffee.

Waste not. People have become more environmentally aware in the last decade, and some people began to ask what happens to the rest of the coffee berry. You may know that the coffee bean is actually the pit of a cherry-like berry, but the beverage we know and love does not use the actual fruit. This year, efforts have gone into making sure that the entire coffee berry is utilized and not wasted.

Sustainable. The ability of the coffee industry to carry on into the indefinite future is also a concern that has been raised. Coffee farmers with small plots of land receiving unfairly low prices and enduring climate changes have wondered how they would continue coffee farming. Organizations like Fair Trade ensure that top quality coffees are grown with sustainable methods for fair prices.

Cold brew. Once the coffee has reached us, we have been looking for new ways to enjoy it. Cold brew with fun recipes for summer is a big 2016 trend.

A look at water. Think about it – most of your coffee is actually water. How much have you experimented with what water you use to brew it?

Fun combinations. People are getting bold and creative when it comes to coffee recipes. Some popular stir-ins include butter, chocolate, and cheese. What is the most interesting ingredient you have added to your coffee?



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