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We live by our mobile phones. As smartphone usage increases, more and more people are downloading apps – for everything under the sun. Including drinking water.

That’s right. You can download a mobile phone app for your Android phone to remind you to drink more water. Here are three Android phone apps you should consider today to help you drink more water:

  • Water Your Body – This Android app is available at Google Play. Enter your weight and the app will help you determine how much water you should drink. After drinking a cup of water, add it to your app. When you’ve had enough water for the day, the app will let you know.
  • Drink More Water! – Drink More Water! Is another app for your Android phone that will keep track of your water consumption. Measure in Imperial units or Metric. This app shows you a progress bar so you know how much water you’ve had each day. You can also customize the app with special buttons and set reminders that are convenient for you. Another cool feature is a graph to make charting your progress over the course of a week or month easier.
  • WeTap – This app will show you where the public water fountains are. You can also use it to report broken or malfunctioning water fountains. This smart phone can be used as a community service or social app just by that one feature alone.
  • Carbodroid – Carbodroid takes the droid part of the name seriously. You get a digital animated droid that motivates you to drink more water and celebrates when you succeed. You can set water alarms to remind you to drink at certain times throughout the day and enter how much water you’ve consumed for the day. This Android app makes drinking water fun.
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