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Just as we researched and discovered 4 Android phone apps that assist you in improving your water intake, we’ve done similar research for iPhone apps. Here are four iPhone apps that you can use to measure your water consumption and motivate you to stay hydrated.


  • WaterLogged – WaterLogged is an iPhone app that tracks your water consumption according to your daily goal. The app defaults to 64 ounces, but you can change it. After drinking a cup of water, apply that water to your daily goal and the app will keep track of it for you. If you only drink a partial serving of water, it will keep track of that too. This app can also be used on the iPad.
  • TapIt Water – This cool iPhone app lists places you can refill your water bottle for free. How cool is that? Using a GPS locator, the app shows you participating locations in its network of water refilling stations.
  • OasisPlaces – Just like the WeTap Android app, OasisPlaces will tell you where to find public water fountains. One cool feature is the review feature. You can take a picture of a water fountain and review it in the app. If you find a public water fountain not listed in the network, you can add it.
  • Plant Nanny – Android has Carbodroid. iPhone has Plant Nanny. This fun plant grows every time you give it water – or give yourself water and notify the app that you just had a drink. Track your water intake and stay healthy.


Stay healthy and drink more water by tracking your water consumption with these cool apps for your iPhone. You can browse the Apple app store for more cool water consumption apps. There are hundreds of them.

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