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The old joke may be that employees waste time gossiping around the water cooler, but the truth is that making filtered water available to your employees has many benefits. Here are our top five.

Increased health. Studies have shown that offices with a water cooler enjoy greater overall health than those that do not. Many people will drink more water if it is convenient, high quality water but will not if they are left to choose between less-than-desirable tap water or bringing bottles from home. Signing up for office water service ensures that everyone in the office has easy access to the water they need to stay healthy.

Productivity. Staying properly hydrated enables your brain to work at top speed and maximum functionality throughout the day. An office water cooler keeps everyone at the top of their game and helps avoid afternoon sleepiness.

Cost-effective. Keeping water available for you employees demonstrates that you care about them and their needs. Office water service helps you show the love without breaking the budget. Bottled water can get expensive quickly, and it creates much more waste. Water coolers are inexpensive to use, and you will not have trash cans full of empty plastic bottles.

Avoid crashing. When your employees attempt to stay hydrated with sugary sodas throughout the day, they almost always crash and burn halfway through the afternoon. Keep everyone feeling their best and able to stay on task by offering healthy, great tasting water instead.

Employee morale. Any time you provide a free benefit to employees, it lets them know that you appreciate them and everything that they do for you. Big raises are great, but something as simple as an office water cooler can be a daily reminder that you care for your employees.

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