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It’s springtime and things are getting hot in the Carolinas already. That means a few things are certain: Allergy sufferers will have a bad month, kids are getting antsy for summer break, and water consumption is about to skyrocket! When things get hot, you gotta stay cool – in the office or on the go. So what do you do with all of those empty water bottles you are going through?

Here’s are 5 fun things to do with your water bottle when they are empty:

  1. Recycle – Make sure you have a clearly marked bin or receptacle in your office breakroom for empty water bottles.  The easier you make it for your employees, the more likely they will participate. It’s a win-win!
  2. Use them to entertain kids! For example, you can make easy noise-makers by filling a bottle with about 1/4 cup of beans or rice, put the lid on and shake. Toddlers love it…as for your co-workers, we’re not so sure. Pair this up with #4 below and you are on your way to a full band!
  3. Get in shape! Turn those empty bottles into hand weights for doing curls and lifts by filling two empty plastic water bottles with something heavy – try pennies or aquarium gravel.  After filling, use a hot glue to glue the caps on securely.
  4. Make some music! Take that 5 empty 5 gallon water bottle and flip it upside down to make a drum. Did we mention this might not be a good idea to do in the office unless you work at a radio station.
  5. DIY Ice Packs. Fill empty 20 oz water bottles with tap water to about three-quarters to the top. Put them in the freezer overnight and use them in your cooler instead of ice. Not only does this keep your drinks cool, but also you won’t have a cooler full of water once the ice melts!


What do you do with your empties? Comment below so we can build a bigger list!





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