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There are many clever ways to reuse coffee grounds around the house and in the garden, but you may not have considered using them on your body. Coffee grounds contain minerals that can nourish your skin and exfoliating qualities that make them ideal for several purposes that have nothing to do with brewing a cup of coffee. Try one of these five ideas the next time you have used coffee grounds headed for the trash can.

  1. Use coffee grounds to reduce the appearance of cellulite.
    With all the expensive creams and treatments available to treat cellulite, you probably think that this sounds too good to be true. The good news is that you can try it for free! Many women have actually reported amazing results from using coffee grounds on their cellulite. Add olive oil to your coffee grounds to create a paste that can be applied to your problem areas. While in the shower or bath, use the paste to massage your cellulite for about four minutes before rinsing off. That’s it! Less cellulite.
  2. Use as a wonderfully scented exfoliator.
    Coffee grounds have a gentle abrasive quality that makes them ideal for use as a skin exfoliate. Most are even soft enough to use on your face when you gently rub the grounds to remove dead, flaky skin. Smooth, young-looking, sweet-smelling skin will be the result.
  3. Add to your hair conditioner.
    The vitamins and minerals that are contained in coffee grounds, even after they have been used for brewing coffee, are like a spa treatment for your hair. Mix a small amount into your conditioner once each week for added healthy locks. If your hair is extremely light, your hair color may be slightly affected by the dying quality of the coffee grounds. Brunettes will love the gorgeous shine.
  4. Go beyond exfoliating by making a face mask.
    Let your facial skin soak in some of those healthy minerals from your used coffee grounds by creating a mask that will exfoliate dead skin and nourish the healthy skin that is revealed. Coffee grounds can be combined with many different ingredients to make the mask that is right for you. Try experimenting with olive oil, coconut milk, and honey to make a luxurious paste that will leave your skin healthier in minutes.
  5. Use as an odor-eliminating hand scrub.
    Keep some used coffee grounds convenient for when you are preparing fish or using garlic. A quick coffee scrub will leave your hands smelling great.
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