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While water remains the favored beverage worldwide and tea is enjoying renewed popularity, nothing can replace coffee as the drink that few Americans can live without. Not only do a large majority of us drink coffee, but we are hopelessly addicted to it. Leaving the house without our morning coffee sounds strangely like leaving with no pants on. It just isn’t going to happen.

According to the National Coffee Association, almost two-thirds of Americans drink coffee every single day, while almost 80% have enjoyed coffee sometime in the last year. In this age of diversity, is there anything else that so many of us agree on?

Coffee is a mainstay at the office, where the caffeine gives us the mental energy to work all day and the break room gives us a comfortable place to connect and recharge. Few offices in the US don’t have a pot percolating or a single cup machine ready to brew at any time of day.

Not only are we drinking plenty of coffee, we are becoming connoisseurs. Choosing gourmet coffee brands and interesting flavors over the standard mug of joe, we are selecting quality over quantity when it comes to our daily coffee. One cup of single serve brew is quickly replacing the huge vat of coffee to guzzle. Whatever coffee you prefer, it is clear that this American favorite is here to stay.

Hav-a-Cup is ready to serve you whichever type of coffee you prefer. With a wide selection of frac packs, k-cups, and fabulous brands, our clients keep their breakrooms well-stocked for staff to recharge and enjoy a break. Coffee, tea, water, and everything else that you need for your breakroom can be conveniently delivered simply by contacting us.

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