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We love a lot of the things that summertime brings. Trips to the beach, camping, family reunions, sporting events, and a multitude of other outdoor activities give us a chance to get outside and enjoy the sun and each other’s company. Summer is the most popular time for people to use their vacation time to get away from the office and do something fun. Which brings us to the disadvantage of summertime: the effect it has on office productivity. Whether people are physically gone on their dream vacation or mentally gone wishing that they were, how do you beat the summertime blues that threaten to infect your business?

Be flexible
It may be difficult to work with everyone’s vacation schedule, but few things shrink employee loyalty like being told that they can’t have their days off. Shift schedules, hire temporary workers, or utilize a call center service to cover for people who are craving some summer sun. They will be revitalized and ready to pay you back with their hard work when they return to the office.

Have fun
For those left in the office, give them something to minimize the sore feelings of staying behind to cover for vacationers. Hold a competition, schedule special dress days, or sponsor an outdoor company event such as a golf outing. Rewarding those who are keeping summer productivity high will let them know that their efforts are appreciated.

Keep comfortable
Pay attention to the temperature in your building. Is it stifling hot while men are wearing dress shirts and ties to work? Are women showing up in summer dresses only to shiver in the air conditioning? Ensuring that your employees are comfortable will go a long way toward beating the summertime blues. Provide thoughtful touches like potted flowers, frozen summer treats, and outdoor break times to keep them from feeling that the summer is slipping away while they sit at their desk.

Provide snacks
Do you know what people like even less than being at work while others are at the beach? Being hungry. Providing snacks and beverages for your workforce reminds them that you value them and their hard work. If you have employees working extra hours to cover for those who are taking time off, they will especially appreciate the availability of snacks to keep their energy and productivity high. Use a convenient supplier like Hav-a-Cup to have coffee, water, Gatorade, and snacks delivered directly to your breakroom.


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