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More and more, employees are seeking out great benefits and great perks when it comes to working for companies, and choosing between jobs. After all, more and more progressive companies are offering phenomenal benefits and opportunities to workers at all salary levels, from chef-prepared meals, on-campus gyms and recreation centers, and of course financial benefits related to salaries, perks, and more opportunities around the workplace.

While it’s not our place to discuss financial benefits for employees here, there are nevertheless some tangible and cost-effective benefits you can provide them that will attract them not only to work for your organization, but help bring in the best and brightest minds along the way and retain employees for the long run.

The Intangibles

First and foremost, great benefits that attract employees include intangible offerings and services. They can range from a coffee delivery service like ours, to provide goods and foodstuffs for your employees so they can be more productive at work and have a great opportunity to get everything they need to feel at home, to other intangibles like more fun things – a gym or a fitness center, for instance!

These intangibles provide great opportunities for employees to improve their wellness, feel welcome and at-home while at work, and maintain a loyal relationship with your business for years to come, turning a job into a career.

A Walk-Able, Airy, and Friendly Campus

This is a difficult one to put together if you haven’t got the facilities, of course, but a walk able, friendly campus provides for your employees a wonderful opportunity to get outside and be in the open air, re-focusing them on work and their work responsibilities. Plus, an airy and friendly campus is simply more conducive to everything when it comes to creating a solid working environment for your employees, and in terms of matching them with the program specifcs and needs that they will surely want over time.

Flexible Working Schedules

This final one is a huge benefit and perk as employees increasingly go digital. From allowing them to flex their hours and work at home, to giving them the option of picking certain days each month to stay at home and get work done while doing life, working from home can be a huge benefit for employees.

Obviously, you need them in the office and likely, most of them won’t be able to work from home every single day, but for many employees who can do it, working from home provides them ample opportunities when it comes to creating a stellar and productive working environment overall, and it can be a huge perk or benefit that seals the deal and ends up attracting certain employees directly to your forward-thinking and helpful company or organization.

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