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Thinking about getting a bottleless water cooler for your office? It’s a good investment and is easy to get up and running. Being one of the most innovative filtration systems available, bottleless water coolers are becoming one of the most popular choices for purified water in offices today. Our highly skilled technicians at Hav-A-Cup can expertly and efficiently install your bottleless water cooler so you can start enjoying the many benefits of endless clean water right away!


What’s so great about bottleless water coolers anyway?

  • Endless supply of drinking water – The units are plumbed directly into the water line in your breakroom.  So you don’t need to order new bottles when you want clean, fresh water.
  • Easy to use – Each unit has a removable drip tray for easy cleaning. And even my grandmother can figure out the controls.
  • Compatible – You have the option to filter water going to your coffee maker or ice maker if they are located near the cooler.
  • No deliveries or bottle clutter – Finally!Because the water comes directly from your existing water source and is automatically filtered for drinking, there is no more heavy lifting, delivery or storage of 5-gal bottles, which weigh about 42 lb each.
  • Durable – Our bottleless coolers are incredibly durable and last for years. Filters are changed annually.
  • Compact – We offer free standing floor units or space-saving countertop models.
  • Environmentally friendly – Because your bottleless water cooler doesn’t require plastic bottles, you greatly reduce plastic waste in your office.
  • Hygienic – Unlike standard water coolers, bottleless water coolers are completely sealed, which prevents dirt, dust, and other contaminants from getting into your water supply.

Choose Hav-A-Cup for Your Bottleless Water Cooler Installation

Water dispensers are an essential part of any office environment. Water increases employee productivity and employee wellness, which should be a consideration for companies both big and small. Hav-A-Cup Coffee and Quality Water Service have been providing top quality water delivery services to businesses in Asheville, Charlotte, Hickory, and Winston-Salem for over 30 years. We are family owned and your satisfaction is our number one goal. Our highly experienced technicians can install a bottleless water cooler and answer any questions you have about the benefits of using them in your office.


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