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Sometimes, we are happy to sit back and do absolutely nothing except enjoy the full flavor and relaxing aroma of our favorite cup of coffee. Other times, we enjoy getting a little something accomplished while we take a sip here and there. Most every activity can be made better by accompanying it with coffee, but here are a few of our favorites.

Reading. Whether you take in a few pages of a novel or catch up on the news, reading works with our caffeine injection to get our brain running on all cylinders. Reading has also been proven to reduce stress more than almost any other activity. Therefore, it is the perfect way to spend a coffee break.

Work. We cannot always take a break to linger over our mug, but even work is made better with our favorite coffee at our side.

Move. Sitting in the office all day can lead to sluggishness and stiff muscles. Take that cup of coffee to go and take a walk around the block. Getting your blood pumping a little bit can increase your attention and energy levels to get you through the rest of the day.

Write. Organize your thoughts, take some notes, or keep a journal. Whatever you decide to write, you will end your break feeling revived and refreshed.

Listen. Sit back with a friend or put on some music. You enjoy your coffee while you listen.

What is your favorite thing to do while you enjoy your coffee?

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