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You might think automatically that everyone ought to drink all their coffee in the morning, and it’s the best time of day to drink coffee. But that’s just not the case! Most of us drink it right when we wake up as a way to get going, or use it as a pick-me-up, but coffee is something that can be really savored at any time of day, and enjoyed throughout the day for better and optimal drinking.

While the morning is no doubt a very popular time to drink coffee, the evening provides a great and often over looked coffee drinking opportunity. This, in fact, might truly be the best time to really enjoy it, especially immediately following dinner and with still several hours before bed time. Savor your cup of coffee with a dessert that best fits together with your choice, and finally sit back and enjoy that cup without the hustle, bustle, and stress of the day to think over. You definitely don’t have that kind of time in the morning!

The afternoon is another great opportunity to drink coffee and use it to re-energize and re-focus yourself after a long morning and typically a stressful lunch. Grab a cup of coffee to get back in the groove with work, and re-focus yourself on the tasks and responsibilities at hand with a cup of energizing coffee. It can be difficult to focus in the afternoon, when you’re more apt to want to nap than write or read, so use the time to get a little extra energy and focus back in to your day.

During outdoor activities, and when it’s cold outside, are two other optimal times to drink coffee. Don’t just look at coffee as an energy booster. Sure, it has caffeine that is bound to get you going and rolling every morning, but it’s also served best as piping hot, which means it will surely warm you up on your cold, outdoor adventures. Use coffee as your own little space heater, and get not only the energy boost out of it, but also a rise in your core temperature, no matter what you’re up to outside in the elements.

In all, it really doesn’t matter when you drink coffee, as it’s pretty much good in almost any situation in the office or at home, and it can come good with so many different meals, events, and social get-togethers. Instead of thinking of coffee simply as a drink that is best for a busy office morning, recognize that it is legitimately used and can really benefit you at all different times of day, and when you’re focused on trying to pick yourself up for all different kinds of situations.

There’s nothing better in this world than a truly great cup of coffee – why limit that to the morning hours at the office, when you can enjoy it all over? Drink up, enjoy, and pour another cup!

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