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Are you one of those people who stand out in a crowd? When everyone is ordering coffee, are you the person who steps forward and says, “I would prefer tea”?

It is no wonder that tea is so popular. It has a multitude of health benefits while still giving tea drinkers the caffeine that they require to tackle their day. One of the best known advantages of tea is the anti-oxidants. Depending on what type of tea you choose, the level of anti-oxidants can vary, but most tea contains good amounts of these anti-aging compounds. In various studies, tea drinkers have shown that they have stronger bones, less risk of heart attack and stroke, and are not as prone to have cancer. If that’s not enough incentive to make you want to grab a mug, there is the wonderful taste.

High quality tea, such as Bigelow brand tea, is carefully crafted to give the best taste possible. With dozens of flavors available, Bigelow has something for everyone. When the company began in 1945, it was with their Constant Comment recipe, which remains one of their top selling teas. This rich tea, which is infused with orange zest, has been an American favorite for almost 70 years!

Bigelow remains a family run company dedicated to creating fabulous tea that others just cannot compare to. The rich spices and careful recipe that is formulated for each tea variety is sure to please each person who enjoys a cup. Though it was Constant Comment that originally brought Bigelow to the attention of tea drinkers and café owners, Bigelow did not stop there. Today, they create a dizzying number of varieties including black, green, white, and herbal recipes for hot or cold tea. They also make special seasonal flavors that never remain on the shelf for long.

Bigelow selects the best ingredients and packages their tea with care so that you get the highest quality cup of tea whenever you choose to enjoy it. The premium packaging keeps outside elements, such as air, sunlight, or moisture, from robbing the tea of its rich flavor. If you are a tea drinker, you will not be disappointed when you try a fresh, hot mug of Bigelow tea.

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