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Coffee is Good for Your Eyes

A recent Cornell study has revealed that coffee can decrease the degeneration of eyesight. Retinal degeneration effects millions of people, especially those over the age of 60, so this is another great reason to indulge in your favorite morning brew.

Chlorogenic acid, the antioxidant responsible for coffee’s positive effect on eyesight, is present in coffee to a much greater extent that caffeine. This compound is utilized to repair damage and maintain the health of the retina. Damage is often caused by diabetes and glaucoma, but can also simply be a symptom of aging. Antioxidants, like those in coffee, fight this deterioration.

Since coffee is one of the most popular beverages enjoyed across the globe, it is exciting to learn about new benefits as they are discovered. Coffee is a wonderful natural resource that has already been recognized for its beneficial effects on Alzheimer’s’ disease, diabetes, and some forms of cancer. Scientists continue to look into what other positive impact coffee drinking has on our health.

How Much Would You Pay for Hot Coffee?

Hate waiting for your coffee to cool to just the right temperature to take that first sip without burning your lips? The only thing that is worse is getting down to the bottom of the mug and being rewarded with a cool, bitter drink. Starbucks has created a solution for both problems . . . . but it will cost you.

Starbucks stores have begun selling the Ember mug, and it includes more technology than you have ever seen in a coffee cup before. A complex series of sensors and heat rings throughout the mug enables it to maintain the precise temperature that you set for your beverage from start to finish. Each drink of your coffee can be the exact temperature that you prefer.

How much will it cost to obtain your very own Ember mug? $150. Each. That’s not for a family four-pack or even a pair. $150 each to enjoy an entire cup of coffee with each sip the perfect temperature.

Clearly, some Starbucks customers have been willing to pay that price. Millions of dollars and six years have gone into its development, and Starbucks does not seem to doubt their chances of earning a profit. They have recently begun selling them at select Starbucks stores, so we will soon see if they are correct.

Would you pay $150 for Starbuck’s Ember mug?

Perfect Coffee Gifts

Are you looking for a great gift for the coffee lover in your life? Of course, we all love to receive coffee itself, but maybe you would like some more unique ideas to go along with their favorite brew. Here is our top three list of unique coffee gifts to give during the holidays this year.

3) Break Glass in Case of Emergency

This is a fun crafty gift. Place unground coffee beans in a shadow box and use paint or permanent markers to write ‘Break Glass in Case of Emergency’ on the front. Not a fan of your penmenship? Pick up some crafty stickers for spelling out your instructions. This makes cute wall décor that is appropriate for home or office.

2) Chocolate Covered Stir Spoons

Buy a set of inexpensive spoons or use plastic spoons for this project. Dip them in melted chocolate and sprinkle with flavored chips, sprinkles, or even crushed up candy canes. Once they have cooled, wrap them in plastic and tie with a bow for a sweet, simple gift.

1) Coffee Scented Candle

Not feeling crafty? Pick up a coffee scented candle so that the coffee lovers on your list can enjoy the rich fragrance of coffee whether or not they have a fresh pot brewing.

Fun Christmas Coffees

Holiday cheer helps us all to stay warm and cozy even as the temperatures outside plummet. Rich, hot coffee is perfect for staying toasty despite winter’s chill. During this festive time of year, there are many ways to add a special touch to your daily coffee.

Forget the stir stick and grab a candy cane. Not only does this give your coffee a fun, festive look, but you will enjoy the sweet, minty flavor that it adds to your brew as the candy cane melts.

Dipped spoons are also a fun way to add a touch of chocolatey goodness to your coffee.

Whipped cream is not just for hot chocolate! Add a soft peak of cream to your coffee and sprinkle with cinnamon, nutmeg, or chocolate shavings for the perfect winter treat.

Seasonal syrups can add wonderful flavors to your coffee. Caramel, white chocolate, peppermint, Irish crème. Which one is your favorite?

Looking for a way to add some holiday cheer to your coffee without the extra calories. Add seasonal spices to your coffee grounds for a special flavor without the guilt. Consider a blend of nutmeg, cinnamon, and cardamom. Allspice and pumpkin pie spice blends are simple additions as well.

How do you make your coffee festive for the holidays?

Best Coffee Trends of 2016

If you are anything like us, you have drunk a lot of great coffee over the past year. 2016 has brought us many great trends in coffee, and here are just a few of ours.

Cold Brew – This summer was made even brighter by cold brews and iced coffee that made it more enjoyable to indulge in coffee all day long. For everyone who thinks that it gets too hot to drink coffee, cold brew has been a godsend.

Small Batch Gourmet Coffee – With a spotlight on coffee quality from farm to table, interest has grown exponentially in small batch gourmet coffee. We are willing to spend a little bit more for that amazing flavor and the great feeling of knowing that coffee farmers have benefited as well.

Nitro Brew – Adding nitrogen to coffee has created an entirely new flavor without adding the calories of sugar or the chemicals in sweetener. For a fizzy, foamy coffee that is smooth and creamy, try nitro brew at your local coffee shop or in cans by the micro-brews that have started distributing it in cans.

What has been your favorite coffee trend of 2016? We would love to hear from you!

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Hav-A-Cup Coffee Service will provide your business with commercial grade equipment &will work with you to determine the best equipment for your particular need or business, whether it’s a small office or a large company, restaurant or convenience store. We offer Keurig, Bunn, Tassimo, Douwe Egberts (environmentally-friendly), along with Cappuccino and Gourmet Ice machines.

Choose from countertop or free-standing water filtration units, water coolers, or bottled water.

Not everyone is a coffee lover, believe it or not. So why not offer soft drinks, teas and other refreshing beverages in your office or breakroom? We carry both Coke & Pepsi products, along with juice, hot & cold teas, Swiss Miss, Crystal Light, Slushie and other drink mixes.

We will keep you stocked up on your favorite creamers, sweeteners, and condiments and keep your employees fueled up on snacks like granola bars & popcorn.

Paper products, cups and lids, utensils. Essentials for your break room that often go overlooked. Let Hav-A-Cup take care of stocking your break room with high quality paper, styrofoam and plastic products.

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