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Get your name in the hands of more customers at special events, conferences, or in the office. Did you know that Hav-A-Cup Coffee in partnership with our sister company, Quality Water Service, offers private label bottled water. That means your logo on the label! So why bother with that? Below are 5 reasons to “bottle your brand.”

  1. It’s exclusive & unique. We guarantee that you’ll get a lot of double takes at the label!
  2. You can make your company stand out at conferences, open houses or other events. By handing out free branded water bottles at your booth, you become a destination at the event. Ask for an email address in exchange for the free water and you’ll grow your email database by leaps & bounds!
  3. By offering your customers bottled water with your brand on it, your company has an extended opportunity for top of mind awareness. Maybe they walk out of a meeting or your store with it in their hands. They’ll remember you until the last drop!
  4. Non-profit organizations can sell branded water bottles at their fundraisers and charity events.
  5. It’s not just for business use! Water bottles can be personalized with names and dates for events like weddings, graduation parties, and baby showers!

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