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It’s a hot topic, and people have talked a lot about it in the health world – is bottled water the best choice for you, or can you get away with tap water as a healthy alternative?

First, there are obviously a host of different varieties of bottled water to choose from, including mineral water, spring water, and municipal water sources that are treated as “purified” water, and more.

Obviously, a huge benefit to bottled water is the convenience factor – you can grab a bottle and take it on the go with you, wherever you might be. Plus, you know what you’re going to get – purified, clean water that is high quality and always a great choice if you are concerned about the safety and health of your water source.

Plus, spring water is a great option to choose, since it is collected from a clean water spring that naturally flows to the surface of the earth – it’s as natural as tap water, as high quality as any bottled water, crystal clear like it should be, and it tastes great!

Obviously, there are environmental problems with bottled water – namely, the plastic bottles themselves. While wasting these bottles exemplifies a legitimate environmental threat, if you have a recycling source and a plan to not throw them away in the dump, they can be a normal and great option.

As far as tap water is concerned, it can be a safer drinking source than many people realize. It has a three-step process to remove dirt, grime, and other particles including any negative molecules, combined with filtration to remove natural organic matter, and chlorine treatment to improve the safety of the product.

A major benefit to tap water is that it typically contains a high dosage of good minerals like magnesium and calcium, and fluoride is added to tap water since it typically is not found in food sources. Thus, tap water is ideal for your teeth and bones to grow strong.

At the end of the day, both tap and bottled water are legitimate options when you’re looking for healthy hydration. The important thing to really consider is that, whichever one you choose, it must fit into your life and lifestyle easily and consistently.

As long as you know what you’re getting into, it doesn’t matter what you drink – tap, spring, or otherwise bottled – as long as you make a consistent commitment to drink water, stay healthy, and stay hydrated both at home and at the office! And with just a few good weeks of commitment to drinking more water, you can build a healthy habit that is sure to last you a lifetime.

At Hav-A-Coffee, we support the choices you make for yourself and your staff. We are here to make it easier and more cost-efficient. We offer both bottled water and water filtration units. In fact, contact us today to cash in on our Free Water Color offer.

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