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Breakroom Supplies: You never think about it until you need it…

Paper products, cups and lids, utensils. Essentials for your break room that often go overlooked.
Let Hav-A-Cup take care of stocking your break room with high quality paper, styrofoam and plastic products.

Office Breakroom Supplies
Cups & Lids

Styrofoam Cups

  • 1000ct: 8oz,10oz, 12oz, 16oz 1000ct
  • 500ct: 20oz (uses 16oz lids)
  • Horizon Print: 12oz, 16oz/1000ct or 20oz/500ct (uses 16oz lids)
  • 12j16 1000ct (uses 16oz lids)
  • Fusion Graphic Enhanced: 12oz, 16oz/1000ct or 20oz, 24oz/500ct

Plastic Cups

  • 2500ct: 5oz, 10oz
  • 1000ct: 12oz, 6oz
  • PET Slushie Cup: 16oz, 24oz/25ct

Paper Hot Cups

  • Green Mtn: 12oz , 16oz/1000ct
  • Solo: 8oz, 12oz, 16oz/1000ct
  • Solo Duo Shield Insulated: 12oz/600ct, 16oz/525ct
  • Solo Specimen Cups: 8oz/1000ct


  • Dart 8ul (fits 8oz styro)    1000ct
  • Dart 12ul (fits 12oz styro)    1000ct
  • Dart 16ul (fits 16oz, 20oz, & 12j16 styro)1000ct
  • Dart 16el (fits all fusion cups) 1000ct
  • Solo Brown Traveler (fits duo shield and 12oz hot cups) 1000ct
  • Solo White Traveler (fits 8oz hot cups) 1000ct
  • Clear Slot Lids (fit 16oz & 24oz Slushie cups) 100ct
  • Forks: Low wt., Medium wt., Heavy wt. 1000ct
  • Spoons: Low wt., Medium wt., Heavy wt. 1000ct
  • Knives: Low wt., Medium wt., heavy wt. 1000ct
  • Individually Wrapped Forks
  • Individually Wrapped Spoons
Paper Products


  • 13”x8.5” Dispenser Napkins white 12/900ct
  • 13”x8.5” Xpress Nap Dispenser Napkins white 12/500ct
  • 15”x17” Dinner Napkins white 20/150ct

Paper Towels

  • Bounty 30ct 2ply Rolls
  • Preserve 30ct 2ply Rolls
  • Kleenex Bleached c-fold Towels 16/150ct
  • Roll Towel Brown 12”x350’

Facial Tissue

  • Cube Box 36/96ct 2ply
  • Flat Box 30/100ct 2ply

Tissue Paper

  • Angel Soft 80/450ct 2ply
  • Victoria Bay 96/500ct 2ply
Plates & Bowls
  • 9” Paper Plate 12/100ct
  • 9” Styrofoam Plate 4/125ct
  • 9” 3 Compartment Stryofoam Plate 4/125c
  • 9” Molded Fiber Plate 4/125ct
  • 2oz Styrofoam Bowls 8/125ct
Straws & Stir Sticks
  • 7 ¾” Wrapped Plastic Drinking Straws 500ct
  • 10 ¼” Wrapped Plastic Drinking Straws 500ct
  • 5” Sipper/ Stirrer Unwrapped 1000ct
  • 8” Sipper/ Stirrer Unwrapped 1000ct
Can Liners
  • 40-45 gallon silver 50ct
  • 60 gallon silver 50ct
  • 33 gallon black 10/25ct
  • 56 gallon natural 200ct
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