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Have you happened to pass by a coworker’s desk and see a pat of butter floating in their coffee? You’re not crazy, that really was butter! They are simply trying the latest coffee fad, called “bullet proof coffee” by creator Dave Asprey.

Why bullet proof? Because, Asprey says, it makes your coffee into a powerful, all-natural energy drink that will help you burn fat and stay energized throughout your day.

But this is just butter right? Well, not exactly. The secret to obtaining amazing results with bullet proof coffee is using the best ingredients. Choose an organic high quality coffee as your base, and use only premium butter from grass-fed cows to enjoy the benefits that Asprey promises.

He’s not just trying to sound hip and organic. There are actually some good scientific reasons why coffee blended with a tablespoon or two of grass-fed, unsalted butter creates one of the best beverages that you can start your day with.

  • Fatty acids: They might not sound healthy, but the right ratio of omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids actually reduces your risk of heart disease. This ratio is only found in the milk of grass-fed cows because those fed soy and other feed produce inferior milk. Butyrate is another healthy fatty acid that is good for your brain, found only in the milk of grass-fed cows.
  • Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA): This compound prepares your body for all day fat burning. The energy from burning fat is longer lasting than that from carbohydrates, so your energy lasts longer too.
  • Chemical free: If you haven’t checked out the ingredients list on the side of your flavored creamer lately, you might want to check it out. You won’t find those unpronounceable items in organic, grass-fed butter.

But how does it taste? Each person’s opinion is different, but this taste tester found it to be flavorful and creamy. It’s definitely a drink I could get used to.


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