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For those of you who have tried Caribou Coffee, you already know that it tastes fantastic. It is made with coffee beans that have been screened for high quality and great flavor. When you purchase a cup of Caribou Coffee, you give yourself a special treat that compels you to pause your day and enjoy. Take a deep breath of the comforting scent before slowly sipping the smooth, creamy coffee. It is no surprise that Caribou has become one of America’s favorite coffee brands.

Did you know that there is even more to love about the Caribou coffee company than their wonderful product? Caribou Coffeehouses serve Rainforest Alliance CertifiedTM coffee, which means that they create this fabulous coffee while caring for our Earth and future resources. This certification means that Caribou coffee is made from coffee beans that come only from farms that use sustainable farming methods. These farms are involved in water conservation and wildlife habitat preservation efforts. When you enjoy your cup of Caribou coffee, you can rest assured that it was brewed through an environmentally friendly process.

The people at Caribou are not just choosey about what suppliers they use. Once a farm has passed the rigorous requirements of a sustainable farm, they must also provide the best coffee beans to meet Caribou’s stringent standards. Only the best coffee beans go into Caribou coffee.

If you love flavored coffee but are not always happy with the level of sweetness in your chosen brew, you will love Caribou’s Flavor Shots. Caribou does not make flavored coffee because they would rather focus on making the best, most flavorful coffee that can stand on its own. The Flavor Shots allow each individual coffee drinker to sweeten and flavor as much, or as little, as they like. This customized method of adding flavor is sure to please even the most selective coffee drinker.

Now you can get the great taste of Caribou coffee at your office with single serve k-cups. What a treat it will be to wake up to the scent of coffee brewed from beans that are selected from the best in the world. Along with the knowledge that this coffee comes from sustainable farms that are protecting our environment for future generations, your mug of Caribou coffee will help rejuvenate you to be ready to begin a new day.

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