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Coffee Terms: What is a “K-cup”?

Keurig has had one of the most remarkable innovations in coffee with their creation of the K-cup. Perfecting the art of single serve coffee making, Keurig has quickly become one of the leading names in the coffee industry. K-cups are small plastic cups that contain...

The Availability Of Soft Drinks

Everyone loves soft drinks. With Hav-A-Cup Coffee Service, you can have your choice of soft drinks delivered to your business for you and your employees. Are you a fan of Coca-Cola. You can have a full selection of Coca-Cola products in your break room, including Coke...

How To Supply A Break Room

In order to keep your employee morale up, you’ll need to keep your break room fully supplied and stocked with the right equipment and paper products. A typical break room consists of paper plates, cups and lids, and utensils for eating. Here’s what you...
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