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October 1 has been designated International Coffee Day by the International Coffee Organization (ICO). With high hopes that the day will catch on and draw attention to many aspects of the coffee industry, ICO has organized celebrations with coffee related organizations around the world and designated the hashtag #InternationalCoffeeDay for spreading the word.

International Coffee Day is about more than simply enjoying a delicious mug of gourmet, though you will certainly want to do that. The ICO hopes to celebrate great coffee products and the dedicated farmers that make our favorite blends possible.

Most coffee comes exclusively from areas of the world located in the coffee bean belt. This area, stretching around the globe between the Tropic of Cancer to the north and the Tropic of Capricorn to the south. These warm, sunny regions have the unique conditions required for growing coffee beans. As part of the International Coffee Day celebrations, the ICO recognizes the work of farmers that provide the rest of the world with their precious crop.

Dozens of organizations have joined ICO in celebrating coffee and all of the people that make it possible on this October 1, and hope that this is just the first International Coffee Day of many. Will you celebrate the day by trying a new flavor or cozy up with an old favorite?

Hav-a-Cup provides all of your favorite coffees, creamers, and syrups to create the perfect cup of coffee every day, right in your office or breakroom. No need to stop at the coffee shop when you have your Keurig system stocked with everyone’s favorite single serving coffee pods. Contact Hav-a-Cup today to enjoy the convenience of great coffee delivered to your door.

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