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Celestial Seasonings is well known for their specialty teas that have been leading the industry since their inception in 1969. Now they are adding nine new flavors that will be certified organic blends. They will be included in two Celestial Seasonings lines: Teas for Wellness and Herbal Teas.

With superior quality and sustainable organic farming as top priorities for the new tea lines, Celestial Seasonings will choose only teas that meet the most stringent standards. Purity, growing process, and plant quality are each carefully assessed for all Celestial Seasonings ingredients.

The new Celestial Seasonings Organic Herbal Teas include five flavors. The unique botanical blends include lemon & elderflower, cinnamon & cardamom, mint & lemon verbena, ginger & turmeric, and chamomile & lavender.

Four more new flavors make up Celestial Seasonings Teas for Wellness line. Developed for taste and natural wellness, the Teas for Wellness combine pharmacopoeia grade botanicals with the highest quality herbs and teas. Special new blends are designed for specific purposes for optimized health. They include Digestion Herbal Tea, Relaxation Herbal Supplement, Detox Herbal Supplement, and Immunity Herbal Supplement.

Celestial Seasonings “Blended with Care from Seed to Sip” initiative applies to the two new lines, as it does to each of their specialty tea blends. With the highest standards for farming, packaging, and blending their teas, you can expect the best from Celestial Seasonings.

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