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A purist or very snobby coffee drinker may claim that coffee is best only in how it comes out of the pot, and only great as a natural bean from the ground, but for millions of people, flavored coffee is the future! Fortunately, using coffee as a foundation for flavoring and unique new taste patterns is not a new concept – it’s been tried, tested, improved and perfected across years and cultures.

In the Middle East, for example, people add cardamom to their coffee to provide a little flavor kick.  In Mexico, they’ve been adding natural flavors like cinnamon to their coffee drinks for centuries. Just like that, here in America, flavored coffees are taking off in popularity and providing countless different options for you to choose from when picking that new flavor with the best kick.

Fortunately, flavored coffee is good tasting, and good for you! Many flavored coffees may taste like a million bucks (or a million calories), but fortunately, they add virtually no ingredients, calories, sodium, fat, or carbohydrates to the regular cup of coffee. Many don’t contain artificial sweeteners or other troublesome products, and they don’t promote excess sugars of any kind other than what you add to a regular cup of coffee.

In fact, what flavored coffees can provide are extra ingredients and trace minerals that are good from you – ranging from Magnesium and Phosphorus, to Niacin, Foliate, and Thiamin. All of these minerals are craved for and good for your body, and the flavored coffees provide them in abundance in addition to being a good source of other beneficial nutrients like Riboflavin and Potassium.

You may not have realized, what with all the popular flavored coffees on the market today, but America surely didn’t invent the flavored coffee phenomenon. In fact, we missed it by about 400 years! In the middle of the 15th century, people in Middle Eastern and Arabian lands were enjoying cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves in their coffee as an early method of flavoring it and giving it that extra kick. Today, though, flavors have grown rapidly. Take one look down an aisle and you can find vanilla and hazelnut, all the way to the more random and wild flavors like mountain blueberry, cinnamon roll, and more.

Whatever your taste preference, though, it is clear that flavored and seasonal coffees are here to stay and will remain popular with people at all times of year, and in all walks of life. They are a great option when you want to spice up that coffee routine that has become dull every morning, and they are surely healthy and physically beneficial to you in a way that won’t hurt your body. Better than that,  the new kick of coffee flavors may just wake you up and get you out of that morning work rut you’ve fallen into lately, too!

We make it easy for you to have flavored coffee in your office. Available through November 2, 2012 is delicious pumpkin spice. Or Try Gingerbread and Spicy Eggnog, available November 5 – December 21, 2012!

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