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Every hardcore coffee drinker needs to have one skill in life – and that’s the knowledge of how to get rid of coffee stains. It’s simple, really. No matter how careful you are, or how talented you are at drinking coffee, you will inevitably end up spilling that cup of java somewhere, at some point, either on your own clothing, the carpet, or your shoes.

Even though coffee stains are some of the nastiest things to get out of any material, that’s no reason not to drink your favorite beverage – you just need to know what’s up as far as keeping stuff clean and removing stains

The biggest thing you need to know about removing coffee stains is learning how to do it from your own clothing, and any other washable fabrics like linens, tablecloths, towels, and more.

First, once the stain occurs, immediately take and presoak the piece of clothing in a solution of liquid laundry detergent, mixed with cool or cold water. The ideal ratio is about 2 tablespoons of detergent and one gallon of water, resized as needed and dependent on the size of the stain and the clothing. Soak for at least thirty minutes, and generally speaking, the older the stain, the longer you need to soak the garment.

Next, pre-treat the stain with some type of prewash stain remover. This is necessary so that, before you place your piece of clothing into the wash, the stain can begin to be broken apart and disintegrated and that by the time it gets out of the wash, it will be brand new again.

When you’re finally ready to launder, put the fabric in the hottest water you possibly can, as it will allow the coffee stain to be removed much more easily. Then, either use chlorine bleach to remove the stain fully (if the fabric will allow it) or color safe bleach to do the dirty work.

Now, make sure the stain is completely gone after washing – and before you place the garment in the dryer – or you may inadvertently set the stain forever. If the stain is not completely gone, re-wash and repeat as many times as necessary before it is completely gone.

At the end of the day, getting coffee stains out of fabric is certainly no fun whatsoever. It can be a hassle, and it certainly takes a fair amount of detailed work to make sure you do it right. But remember – with a little bit of work, it can be done – and the threat of a stain is no reason to stop drinking coffee altogether! Your coffee habit doesn’t have to stop just because you’re concerned with stains. Even a little bit of knowledge of laundry and cleaning can remove a coffee stain in no time flat!

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