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A tantalizing coffee bar is an ideal addition to your fall events. As the weather cools, nothing complements the crisp autumn air like hot coffee with all the fixings. Of course, coffee bars are a hit any time of year, but now is the time to dress yours up especially for the season.

All the best coffee bars start with gourmet coffee. Be sure to include regular and decaffeinated options. It is also a nice idea to offer hot water with tea bags and hot chocolate packets for your guests who are not coffee drinkers. Have someone responsible for monitoring the coffee bar, so that the coffee is fresh and plentiful.

The options that you offer for adding to coffee is where the fun starts. Stock your coffee bar with the standard favorites, such as sweetener, sugar, and cream, but also offer your guests some gourmet options, like chocolate covered stirring spoons, salted caramel syrup, and organic butter. Don’t forget the cinnamon, whipped cream, cherries, and flavored creamers. Ask people to suggest their favorites before the event so that you know you have them covered.

For fall, decorate your coffee bar with the beautiful earth tones of the season. Autumn leaves, pumpkins, and acorns create a lovely natural display. You can also keep the signs and cards identifying items within the fall color scheme. Tie orange, red, and brown ribbons around bowls, cups, and carafes for a simple yet elegant touch of autumn.

Other ways to dress up your coffee bar include pots of chrysanthemums, sugar cubes, cloth napkins, and scattered gems in autumn colors.

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