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Do you drink coffee before your workout? We know what you are thinking. “Of course, I drink coffee before I do ANYTHING.” Well, carry on, because a mug of joe before hitting the gym actually improves your workout.

It is about more than waking up enough to get to the gym or having the energy to actually move. Scientific studies have proven that the caffeine in coffee builds endurance, lengthening and improving the intensity of your workout.

How does caffeine do this? It increases the fatty acids in your bloodstream, which helps your muscles burn fat for fuel instead of having to rely on carbohydrates alone. Yes, you read that right. It helps you burn fat. Is there anything about coffee that we do not love?

Since caffeine is both effective and allowed by sports authorities, it is commonly consumed by athletes at all levels, right up to the Olympics. They understand that if they want to be able to put their maximum effort into their performance, caffeine will give them the boost they need.

Doctors state that caffeine also lowers the adenosine that builds up in muscles during physical activity. This substance leads to fatigue, reducing the athlete’s ability to perform at maximum capability. Caffeine reduces your body’s adenosine to help you feel empowered and able to push yourself to the next level.

Since caffeine also improves mental alertness, each action you perform is done with greater precision than if you did not have coffee before your workout.

A more effective workout and better athletic performance – just one more reason to love coffee.

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