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With more great news for coffee drinkers, the National Cancer Institute has recently released the results of a study that indicate liver health benefits from coffee. By evaluating the effects of drinking coffee, both decaffeinated and caffeinated, researchers were able to determine that abnormal liver enzyme levels were lowered by the chemical compounds found in coffee.

While previous studies had indicated a positive link between moderate to extensive coffee drinking and liver health, this particular study confirmed that caffeine is not the secret ingredient that makes the lowered abnormal enzyme level possible. Those drinking decaffeinated coffee enjoyed the same positive results.

The caffeine in coffee has been linked to additional benefits, including decreased fibrosis in patients undergoing liver biopsy. Other benefits linked to caffeinated coffee include slowed cirrhosis of the liver and decrease in the speed of liver cancer development.

For those already suffering from liver problems, such as liver disease, cancer, and cirrhosis, coffee has been shown to reduce the speed at which these medical issues progress. A reduced risk of liver related medical issues is found in regular coffee drinkers.

The great news about the most recent study is that these benefits can be enjoyed by coffee drinkers who must monitor their caffeine intake. Since the liver responds positively to coffee, with or without caffeine, reduced caffeine intake does not mean that you cannot obtain the healthy results for your liver of drinking coffee each day.

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