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We know you love coffee, and maybe you like cheese as well. But have you thought about putting the two together? Some adventurous coffee connoisseurs have done just that. Whether it is enjoying a few sharp flavors with your favorite coffee as you would with your wine or letting a soft cheese dissolve into your drink, you may be surprised at how well the two can go together.

What kind of cheese you try with your coffee depends largely upon your taste, but whichever flavor you choose will add a nice protein punch to your morning. If you are one of the adventurers who has tried butter in your coffee, you may also like the addition of a creamy cheese. We would love to hear about any interesting combinations that you have tried.

One coffee fanatic thought the combination was so sublime, they took things one step further and created a coffee cheese. The Coffee Collective has joined forces with Arla Unika to perfect coffee cheese. Not coffee paired with cheese, but the world’s first cheese made with coffee.

The cheese, which is the product of many years of experimentations, is made with Guatemalan Finca Vista Hermosa coffee. The coffee is brewed in large batches and then combined with organic whole milk to begin the cheesemaking process. The cheese is produced at a dairy farm in Denmark that has existed since World War II. So the coffee cheese may be new, but there are lifelong experts creating it.

A mild snacking cheese is the result of at least eight months of aging. With a brown color, taste testers know that there is something unique about this cheese but do not always guess that it is coffee. The careful processing ensures a pleasant light coffee flavor that does not overwhelm the cheese.

Would you like to sample some coffee cheese?

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