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There are plenty of great ways to enjoy coffee throughout the day besides that refreshing cup first thing in the morning. One off our favorite ways to enjoy coffee is in a luscious dessert. We have collected the best of them here, from indulgent to surprisingly healthy. Treat yourself.

Coffee Cheesecake

Creating a delicious coffee flavored cheesecake can be as simple as adding some espresso powder to your favorite recipe or replacing some of the liquid with your best brew. Or you can try this unbelievable Bailey’s Irish Cream Coffee Cheesecake from Buttercream Blondie.

Coffee Brownies

Did you know that replacing the water in a brownie mix recipe not only gives it a delicious mocha flavor, but it also creates the perfect texture and brings out more chocolate flavor? You’re welcome.

Chocolate Coffee Truffles

Adding instant coffee granules to your favorite truffle recipe will add great flavor and a caffeine boost. Never made truffles before? They are easy and elegant. Try these.

Coffee Floats

Try a grown up version of a childhood favorite by pouring chilled coffee over vanilla ice cream. Top with chocolate or caramel syrup and whipped cream.

Banana Coffee Ice Cream

Decadent, easy, and healthy? It’s almost too good to be true. Simply blend four bananas with two tablespoons of coca powder and one teaspoon of espresso powder or instant coffee. Freeze & enjoy.

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