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A recent Cornell study has revealed that coffee can decrease the degeneration of eyesight. Retinal degeneration effects millions of people, especially those over the age of 60, so this is another great reason to indulge in your favorite morning brew.

Chlorogenic acid, the antioxidant responsible for coffee’s positive effect on eyesight, is present in coffee to a much greater extent that caffeine. This compound is utilized to repair damage and maintain the health of the retina. Damage is often caused by diabetes and glaucoma, but can also simply be a symptom of aging. Antioxidants, like those in coffee, fight this deterioration.

Since coffee is one of the most popular beverages enjoyed across the globe, it is exciting to learn about new benefits as they are discovered. Coffee is a wonderful natural resource that has already been recognized for its beneficial effects on Alzheimer’s’ disease, diabetes, and some forms of cancer. Scientists continue to look into what other positive impact coffee drinking has on our health.

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