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We know that coffee, not only helps us survive our day, but it makes us incredibly happy. However, did you know that there are several good reasons – some of the real scientific reasons – why coffee brightens our mood? Let’s look at some of the ways coffee makes us happy.

Taste. This one is maybe a little too obvious, but that first sip of delicious coffee often brings a smile to your face no matter what else the day has in store.

Fragrance. Even before that first taste, the smell of coffee helps us perk up and eagerly seek a cup.

Caffeine. Feeling alert and awake helps us attack the day’s tasks with a positive attitude and maximized ability.

Dopamine. The caffeine in coffee also increases our body’s dopamine levels for a naturally increased feeling of happiness and contentment.

Cognition. It’s not just that you are more awake and positive feeling, caffeine actually stimulates brain activity and increases your cognitive abilities so that you can be at your best, at home or at work.

Community. There’s something about sharing a pot of coffee with family, friends, or coworkers that helps remind us that we’re all in this together.

With so many reasons to love coffee, why not grab a mug right now? Getting low on your coffee or breakroom supplies? Contact Hav-a-Cup for your next quick, convenient delivery.

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