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We all know how tea and coffee are the most important and popular beverages and there have been several debates about the advantages and disadvantages it has. This article will tell you a few points of comparison you ever new existed between the two.

Effects on the Digestive System

Tea and coffee, both have acidic content in it, but the amount of it depends upon the type of tea or coffee you consume. The strength and the variety of it are the main factors, which are responsible for the acidic content. The stronger they are brewed, the higher will be the acidic content in the beverage. Since the acidic content is high, the digestive system is also affected because of it. Coffee however, is a little more acidic than tea, but it is the sensitivity of the consumer, which decides how it will affect them.

Health Benefits

Tea no doubt has several health benefits and there are proven as well. Nevertheless, coffee does not lag behind at all. The coffee gives several proven benefits you as well and this makes a lot of people consume it on a daily basis. It can potentially help you fight depression and may have a positive on the liver as well. On the other hand, some teas contain cancer-fighting agents because of its high amount of anti-oxidants.

Either drink should be consumed in moderation, like most food & beverages.

The debate between the tea and coffee will always be there and there will always be two groups preferring one beverage to another one. Evaluate the health benefits, the taste, and your body’s response to each. Or don’t choose one over the other…pick both!

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