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What could be better than your favorite cup of gourmet coffee? How about pairing it the perfect food for bringing out the nuances of flavor in each sip? Make the most of your next cup of coffee by trying some of these tried and tested combinations.

Some types of coffee go best with fruit. This may include fresh fruit, but could also be tasty pastries like tarts or muffins containing fruit. If blueberries are your favorite, pair them with a flavorful Jamaican coffee for a wonderful combination of flavors. Other coffees that go well with fruity flavors include Haitian and Kenyan roasts.

For even more flavor, join a Tanzanian or Haitian coffee with berries and mild cheeses. A breakfast of gourmet coffee, soft cheeses, fruit, and sweet pastries will feel like a mini vacation, even if you are in the office.

We love to have chocolate with our coffee, and there are some pairings that make this beloved couple a match made in heaven. Milk chocolate goes well with just about anything, but will taste particularly good with Hawaiian Kona coffee or an Ethiopian coffee with a citrus undertone. Dark chocolate pairs best with dark roast Brazilian and Guatemalan coffees. You can try these pairings with delicious gourmet coffee or brownies, cakes, and candies made from them.

It is no surprise that Colombian coffee is so popular in the US. It goes great with the doughnuts, biscotti, and other sweet breads that are so beloved in this country. If you would like to try something different, Costa Rican or Nicaraguan blends also pair well with sweet pastries.

What is your favorite coffee pairing?

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