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You may have noticed mentions of a free trial on the Hav-a-Cup website. Maybe you have wondered just how that works. Hav-a-Cup is so sure that you will love our coffee service and equipment that we let you try it before deciding to sign up for ongoing service.

Simply fill out the form here, and a friendly Hav-a-Cup representative will contact you to determine the best coffee making equipment to fill your needs. Based upon the number of people who will be using the coffee equipment and what your personal preferences are, we will provide you with sleek, easy to use commercial coffee making equipment and the gourmet coffee that you need to make the perfect cup of coffee.

Delivery of the equipment and supplies is also free. We will give you a few days to have some fun with your new coffee equipment and enjoy freshly brewed gourmet coffee. Once the trial period is complete, you may begin ordering replacement supplies for quick, convenient delivery by Hav-a-Cup. The coffee you would like for your equipment can be ordered any time you need it. You may also request delivery of sweeteners, creamer, cups, straws, snacks, and a wide variety of other items.

If you have any questions about your coffee making equipment at any time, feel free to contact Hav-a-Cup for assistance. We are also happy to provide alternative equipment as your needs change.

Are you ready to start your free coffee service trial?

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