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Have you noticed that Hav-a-Cup provides a wide selection of gourmet coffees that come in fraction packs, or “frac packs”? Maybe you have but weren’t quite sure what that meant. Frac packs are a simple concept that was designed to give you a better pot of coffee with less work.

Traditionally, brewing a pot of coffee meant that someone was responsible for placing the old fashioned paper filter in the machine and then measuring out the amount of coffee that was needed. This resulted in some strong brews, others weak, and some that included coffee grounds from those flimsy filters folding over during processing. Worst of all, it left a mess in the coffee pot that few people were interested in taking care of. Frac packs, also called filter packs, take care of each of these problems.

Fraction packs are simply premeasured amounts of coffee split into fully enclosed filter packs. To brew a pot of coffee, one pops a frac pack into the coffee machine along with water, and a perfect pot is brewed every time. The guesswork is taken out of coffee measurement, and cleanup is a breeze. A consistently delicious brew combined with effortless preparation is ideal for the office environment, where everyone has things to do besides worrying about who is going to take care of the coffee.

Some of the best names in coffee are available in fraction packs through Hav-a-Cup:

  • Donut Shop Blend
  • 100% Columbian (also in decaf)
  • Roaster’s Select
  • 8 o’clock Regular
  • Jamaican Me Crazy
  • Maxwell House Master Blend
  • BH Sumatra Kopi
  • BH Breakfast Blend
  • BH Ultimate Hazelnut
  • BH Hawaiian Kopa Hapa
  • BH French Vanilla
  • Mocha Espresso
  • Donut Joe
  • Velvet Hammer Blend
  • Rainforest Blend
  • Peruvian Decaf
  • House Blends

With all these to choose from, you never need to guess at how much coffee to use again or open us the machine to make coffee only to find old grounds inside. Hav-a-Cup delivers to most Carolina regions, providing convenient fraction packs and many other coffee and breakroom supplies. Exemplary customer service and amazing prices have made Hav-a-Cup a leader in office coffee delivery service.

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