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A lot of commercial water service companies claim to use spring water when in fact they don’t. Have-A-Cup uses spring water straight from the peak of Bald Mountain in Western North Carolina. That makes it local spring water, the healthiest and most abundant water on the planet. We don’t use pumps or mechanical devices to extract the water from the ground. Instead, we let the water flow naturally as it comes to the top of the surface. The water is delivered in 20-ounce bottles or in 5-gallon water coolers. You can rent the coolers on a monthly basis. Options include cold water, hot water, and cook water systems. If you choose to have bottled water delivered, you can recycle the water bottles easily, reducing your carbon footprint.


Office Water Delivery Is Practical, Safe, And Healthy

Your employees deserve the very best in resources. A healthy work force is a happy work force. By having your water delivered, you ensure that your employees are healthy and safe all year long. It’s a practical way to improve office morale and keep your employees productive. If you have a refrigerator in your break room, you can keep your bottled water in the fridge. Water coolers can be placed in your break room, a hallway, foyer, or any accessible common area in your office building. When figuring water capacity, figure on eight ounces per employee per day. Multiply that by the number of employees to determine how much water you’ll need to service your office. You can always adjust if you have to.

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