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If you love coffee as much as we do, your love for flavored creamer is probably not too far behind. At Hav-a-Cup, Hickory’s premier coffee delivery service, we have gone so far as to consider what other wonderful uses our delicious creamer may have. We hope that you enjoy some of the ideas that made our top ten list.

  1. Add it to milk. This is a fantastic way to give your own milk a tasty boost or encourage choosy kids to drink more of this nutrient packed beverage. Go beyond chocolate milk by using the wide variety of creamer flavors instead of sugary syrup.
  2. Add it to oatmeal. Imagine your instant oatmeal with a splash of your favorite creamy flavor in place of water.
  3. Create a glaze. Next time you need a topping for cake, quick bread, or cookies, consider using a complementary creamer flavor. Simply mix with powdered sugar until you have the desired consistency, and you have a delicious, unique topping for your baked goods.
  4. Pour over fruit. Remember the days of strawberries and cream? Back in the days, people had a great idea that has somehow fallen from popularity. Try your favorite fruit soaked in some amaretto or vanilla flavored creamer for a low fat dessert.
  5. Make a tea latte. Tea drinkers can enjoy a good creamer, too. A cup of spiced chai with a touch of chocolate or caramel creamer can be just the thing for a cool fall morning.
  6. Don’t forget unflavored creamer. Creamer without the sweet flavoring makes a wonderful addition to creamy soups or mashed potatoes and is much easier to keep on hand than half-and-half.
  7. Add to yogurt. A small amount of flavored creamer can add a big punch to plain yogurt or play around with creative combinations.
  8. Add to baked goods. Substitute creamer for milk in your baked good recipes for a little something different.
  9. Make a gourmet root beer float. A dash of vanilla creamer in your root beer float turns this classic favorite into an indulgent dessert.
  10. Create flavored topping. Mix in a few tablespoons of creamer into your whipped cream for a flavorful dip or dessert topping.
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