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Why a coffee bar? It is a great alternative to birthday cake, perfect for any celebration, and brings a sense of togetherness and fun into the office. Whether it is a special occasion or just because, a coffee bar is a great way to say ‘thank you’ to your employees.

What to have at your coffee bar will depend partly upon the preferences of those in your office, but we have created a list to get you started.

The Basics:

Coffee – a variety of flavors if you like, including decaf for anyone watching their caffeine.

Creamer – again, select a wide variety of flavors, including some fun seasonal selections.

Sweeteners – sugar, honey, and an offering of zero calorie sweeteners.

Cups – quality disposable cups to ensure to burnt fingers.

Stir sticks – the basic variety or add some fun to this item with chocolate and honey dipped spoons.

Napkins – inevitably, someone will need them.

Hot chocolate and tea – don’t forget those who do not drink coffee.

Make it a Party:

It doesn’t take much to take your breakroom coffee from ordinary to festive. Just add a few of these.

Whipped cream – admit it. You love it as much as the kids.

Chocolates – to have on the side or to dissolve into your hot coffee. Yum!

Cinnamon – just a bit gives a new flavor to your favorite coffee and it looks stunning sprinkled on top of that whipped cream.

Syrups – offer even more flavor options with sweet flavored syrups.

Marshmallows – Perfect for hot chocolate but try them on coffee too!

Cherries – top it off like a sundae!

Get Fancy:

You’ve got the basics but would like to get exotic? We can help you do that.

Butter – select high quality, organic butter and you might be surprised how good it is in coffee.

Coconut milk – a healthier option that offers a unique flavor compared to creamer.

Salt – there’s a reason salted caramel is all the rage.

Ice cream – make some cold brew coffee and make it a float!

Alcohol – with approval from the boss, of course. Add a shot of Irish cream or whiskey.

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