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There are many things that unite coffee lovers.  The wonderful aroma that helps to fuel our day, the flavorful creamers that add a special “something” to our favorite cup and the variety of ways that we like to prepare it.  So what keeps all of them from agreeing on which is better – light roast or dark roast?

To measure the different caffeine levels of both, you have to go beyond a single bean.  That’s right, one bean compared to another has the same level of caffeine. To create a variation of that, it comes down to just how you roast the beans.  Since light roasted beans are smaller than the dark ones, you will need more volume to brew your cup, which increases the caffeine content.

The taste of each cup also matters not only in the brewing process but in what you add to your cup.  Do you like a full, dark flavor, similar to the scent of standing in a coffee bean grove?  Or, do you like a lighter taste and tend to make your coffee weaker?  By adding chocolate, nut or fruit flavorings to your drink, you can experience a world of tasteful choices if you like to experiment.  If not, you probably already have a favorite way of savoring cup after cup.

Whether it’s decaffeinated or not, your taste buds are sure enjoy both types of roasted coffee beans.  But just to make sure, why not try both?

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