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Anyone who drinks coffee knows that half of the fun is adding in your own personal mix of sweeteners and creamers. Charlotte, NC residents can pop across town and enjoy their favorites at a number of local coffee shops or at work with Hav-A-Cup Coffee.

One of the biggest differences in coffee sweeteners is the type. Sweeteners are almost always various types of sugars. You can find brown sugar, refined sugar or even an Indian jiggery sugar coffee sweetener. Honey is also a popular sweetener that you can find inside of store bought sweeteners or that you can use to make your own sweetener at home. Then come the artificial sweeteners, which are represented by Splenda, Equal, and Sweet-n-Low. These artificial sweeteners are usually low on calories and make great sweetener choices for strong brews of both coffee and tea.

Creamers come in both dairy and non-dairy forms. The non-dairy forms are sometimes called coffee whiteners and are great substitutes for milk creamers because they do not contain lactose. However, those with milk allergies will need to be on the lookout for casein (a protein found in milk) because it can appear in some non-dairy creamers. You can find creamers in both powdered and liquid form.

When trying to decide between the two, keep in mind that creamers have a rich, milky taste and sweeteners are — you guessed it — sweet and sugary. Most people enjoy combining the two for a perfect combination.

In Charlotte, NC, coffee drinkers working tirelessly in the office can choose from a variety of sweeteners and creamers through the Hav-A-Cup Coffee Company.

Hav-A-Cup Coffee carries powder creamers, coffee-mate liquid creamers, and sweeteners. Powder creamers include Cream Canisters, Creamer Packs, Coffee-mate French Vanilla, Coffee-mate Hazelnut, Vending Creamer and French Vanilla Vending Creamer. Coffee-mate Liquid Creamers include Original, Chocolate Mocha, French Vanilla, Hazelnut, Peppermint Mocha, Vanilla Caramel, and Half n Half. For Sweeteners, choose from Equal, Splenda, Sweet n Low, Yellow Sequelle, Pink Sequelle, Blue Sugar Substitute, Tea Sweetener, Vending Sugar, Sugar Canisters, and Sugar Packs.

If your office is a little low on creamer and sweetener choices, send your boss to Hav-A-Cup Coffee.

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