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Coffee is an omnipresent element of most office environments. Much of the Hav-a-Cup business caters to ensuring that each of our clients can enjoy a fresh mug of gourmet coffee whenever they would like. However, we understand that there are a few people out there who do not depend upon coffee to survive the way some of us do! For you, we offer a variety of other beverages that may be added on to your Hav-a-Cup order.

If you crave a warm beverage but coffee isn’t your thing, we’ve got you covered. Teas ranging from the standard Lipton to gourmet flavors from premium brands like Two Leaves and a Bud are available. You may also want to try apple cider that can be made right in your Keurig or a sweet mug of hot chocolate. Whatever is your beverage of choice, Hav-a-Cup will bring it to your door along with the rest of your supplies.

Cold beverages are also an option, especially with warm weather on the way. Choose from bottled water, Gatorade, Crystal Light, juice, and iced tea. Soda is one of the top choices after coffee, so Hav-a-Cup offers a variety of flavors to keep everyone’s favorite ready for them in the breakroom. We stock a large inventory of Coke, Pepsi, Sunkist, and Fanta flavors.

Don’t worry if you aren’t a coffee lover, Hav-a-Cup has everything you need to get through the workday.

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