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The hectic season of shopping, decorating and traveling is upon us like a tidal wave. You work, take care of the kids and deal with your regular responsibilities. When you add holiday chores on top of all that, it can really compound stress and diminish your enjoyment of this special time. Not everyone wants to be on medication to relieve the stress they cannot remove from their lives. Many look for homeopathic options or more traditional methods of stress relief.

Drinking tea has been a relaxation technique used for more than a thousand years. Modern day studies confirm the original “school of thought” about tea. Regular tea drinkers are able to de-stress much quicker than non-tea drinkers. Black tea promotes relaxation and a feeling of well-being. Tea drinking is believed to have begun in southwest China and was documented as being used as a medicinal drink in the third century AD there.

The assortment of teas that are beneficial include Black, Assam, Chamomile, Chai, and Earl Grey varieties among others.  Hav-A-Cup Coffee offers these and more for your tea drinking needs. Along with a beverage station installed in your break room, they offer bi-weekly cleaning and restocking, freeing you from maintaining your station. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy a cup of tea. With convenient online ordering and delivery to your door, there is no reason to be further stressed. They also offer snacks, condiments and other breakroom supplies. Their beverage stations can do more than just brew tea; coffee and other hot and cold beverages are available as well as water service.

Whether your company is large or small and needs a new beverage system, Hav-A-Cup Coffee can supply an assortment of stress-busting teas. Just call and embrace the wonderful aroma and relax with your cup of tea.

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