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The kids are back in school, with football and soccer in full swing. The leaves are losing their vibrant green and slowly fading into pleasant reds, yellows, and oranges. The morning chill is refreshing, but it also makes you thankful for that warm cup of coffee held snugly in your hands, the steam rising up to warm your face.

The scents and flavors of fall are always highly anticipated and beloved, especially when enjoyed while appreciating the outdoor beauty of the season. This year, be sure to include some flavors of the season in your Hav-a-Cup coffee order. The only thing better than tasty coffee flavors is having them delivered directly from your reputable Winston Salem coffee service.

K-Cups are so convenient for brewing single servings of gourmet coffee that are hot and fresh. Now you can enjoy cozy flavors that help you enjoy the autumn season. Caramel vanilla cream will warm you up with just enough sweetness on brisk mornings. Choose a cup of pumpkin flavored coffee that will bring to mind memories of Thanksgiving gatherings and treats. A cup of cinnamon roll flavored coffee simply must be accompanied by a warm pastry. Some of these fall favorites are good enough to momentarily make you forget that you are at work.

Do you prefer high quality unflavored coffee? Hav-a-Cup also can supply creamers in autumn inspired flavors that will go nicely with your mug of Caribou Coffee. Try peppermint mocha, caramel vanilla, or chocolate mocha for a cup of coffee that tastes every bit as good as one from your favorite coffee house without the sky-high price tag.

Looking for some additional flavor without the creamer? Hav-a-Cup offers Torani syrups that can add a sweet, flavorful taste to any cup. Add a little bit for just a hint of sweetness, or add as much as you like for a delicious dessert coffee. Fall favorites include amaretto, cinnamon, caramel, and pumpkin pie. Some flavors are even available in sugar free versions.

For a cup of coffee that feels as warm and cozy as curling up before the fire, try Hav-a-Cup’s fall flavors today.


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