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Coffee may be the American national beverage, but tea has spent the last few years exploding in popularity as well. It may have taken a couple of centuries for tea to recover from the damage done to its reputation in the Revolution, but we are happy to see it welcomed back now with open arms. Like our beloved coffee, tea is offering seasonal trends of its own. Just one more reason to love tea or give it a try if you have not yet taken the plunge.

There are few foods and beverages that cannot be found in pumpkin spice flavor this fall, and tea is no exception. A pumpkin spice tea with your favorite caramel creamer or sweet cream is as tasty as a dessert without all the calories. Looking for something more unique? No problem.

Fruit teas have been around for ages, but are now enjoying a surge of interest here in the States. You have two options when it comes to fruit teas. First are teas made from dried fruit. These can be found in almost any fruit flavor you like, from lemon to blueberry, strawberry to orange. These are often caffeine free like herbal teas. For those who enjoy fruit flavor and caffeine, try the growing selection of fruit flavored black teas.

Ever since Bigelow crafted their Constant Comment orange flavored black tea, we have not been able to get enough of black teas sweetened with a touch of fruit flavor. Bigelow has since added lemon, peach, and raspberry flavors. Twinings also now offers several flavors, including black currant, mixed berry, and pomegranate black teas in addition to their fruity herbal blends.

Other seasonal flavors of tea available include a dreamy salted caramel by Bigelow or Twining’s classic Christmas tea.

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