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The Tassimo Professional coffee maker is the ideal equipment for any time you want to make a great impression. For breakrooms, reception areas, or conference areas, the Tassimo brewer creates perfectly brewed fresh cups of coffee to meet each person’s needs. T-discs keep multiple gourmet flavors on hand, so that everyone can choose their favorite.

Available in a stainless steel or powder black finish, the Tassimo brewer can be perfectly coordinated to your room’s style and décor. The sleek, modern design is a complement to any interior design.

A user friendly LCD display provides simple operation of the Tassimo Professional coffee maker. Configure your beverage just the way you like it with a touch of the screen. The instructions are easy to follow, so that anyone can brew their perfect cup of coffee.

Ideal for large office settings, the Tassimo may be manually filled with water or connected to a water source for continuous operation without refilling. Since the Tassimo brewer also internally stores discarded T-disks, making a beverage with this machine is quick and easy with no clean-up required.

T-disk technology ensures that each beverage is made exactly the way it was meant to be prepared. The Tassimo reads a bar code on each disk before brewing, adjusting ingredients and temperatures for optimal flavor. It’s like having your own barista.

Would you love to try the Tassimo Professional brewer or other coffee making equipment in your office? Call Hav-a-Cup today for a free trial with the equipment that is best suited for your office or breakroom.

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