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Flavored coffee, how do I love thee? I have not always been a coffee lover. The child version of myself would be appalled to know that I would come to enjoy coffee as an adult. With the wonderful varieties of flavors of coffee and creamer available, it is just too tempting to not give in and try a few cups. Once I did, I was hooked.

Coffee drinking has certainly evolved in the past 30 years. Those of us who have memories of our parents brewing a big pot of dark, black coffee in the morning now have a much fancier process for ourselves. Keurig-style single serving coffee makers are all the rage. Not only are they convenient, but they allow us to explore a wide assortment of flavors and bring our coffee drinking to a whole new level. While I never felt compelled to try the harsh smelling concoction that my parents enjoyed, I can no longer start the day without my flavored coffee.

A favorite flavor of mine is Hazelnut. The brewing process gives the sensation of aromatherapy as this warm, cozy scent fills the room. What a wonderful feeling to wake up to! With single serve cups, I can brew as much or as little as I like just as strong or light as I desire.

French Vanilla is another flavor that pleases each of the senses with sweet, creamy taste and comforting scent. Coffee in the morning is more than my jolt of caffeine, it is a waking up process to look forward to. With my favorite flavors available in decaf, I can enjoy it even when I do not require the energy boost. My hot, tasty cup of coffee can become a treat that I enjoy after dinner, as well as first thing in the morning.

Coffee brings people together in the morning. What better way to start your day than over cups of rich coffee in your preferred flavor with one of your favorite people? The scent of your Hazelnut or French Vanilla coffee brewing will entice loved ones to join you for morning conversation.

If you do not have a cup in your hand already, you must be craving a warm mug of smooth, delicious flavored coffee right now. The only question that remains is Hazelnut or French Vanilla?

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